We go above and beyond to create an individualized and customized camping experience that fulfills every pet's desires and needs

PEAK SEASON UPDATE: Yes, it is that time of year again. Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years is all around the corner. Which means that our small dog VIP room will be open and holding the your pups personal den. The VIP room decreases anxiety levels of smaller dogs because they are less intimidated and it is quieter than our room/patio.

SMALL DOG DENS: Is a large shaded den en- lined with bedding to ensure your pet's comfort. These rooms are reserved for dogs under 50 pounds and pets must have a meet and greet with our staff before booking.


Why Masters

Boarding and Care options for ALL pets. We do not discriminate against breed, temperament, or age. Geriatric care for dogs that do not need vets.

24/7 security monitoring of carbon monoxide, fire, and more that directly alerts Tammy, owner and licensed vet tech, who lives on the property.

Daily Housekeeping with a carefully calculated sanitizer to kill viruses and bacteria. Keeping your pets safe!

Personalized Care based on your pets personality, needs, and desires. Pet CPR certified staff members. Staff members that career path is animal welfare.

Fully customization of pet's experience without nickel and dimming you. We will always do what is best for the pet! Review our Daycare and Extra Service page to find out how to customize.

Dogs Standard Boarding

Roomy 4 ft x 5 ft climate controlled room individualized with their own bedding and toys.

Same family dogs can board together. Look at our deluxe runs for larger space for family pets

Victor Grain Free Food: Please review our policy in bringing own food

Breakfast in bed, Dinner and dessert.

Rooms directly lead out to individual 5ft x 15ft covered patios. Perfect for exercising or enjoying the weather no matter if its sunshine or raining. Weather permitting pups have 24 hour access to their patios.

Daily Housekeeping of the rooms and patios

Hourly potty time and personalized attention based on pet's personality.

Free medication administration. Charges are for enticement methods only! Refer to medication policy for more details


You are welcome to bring any items, beds - treats- toys (No Tennis Balls), from home that you think will make your pet’s stay more comfortable! Please label your dogs "personal" items.

Do not want to loose personal items we have rentals for your pets time with us

Dogs are required to have up to date Rabies, Bordtella, Distemper, Parvo, and Influenza vaccinations.

We require the first vaccine is current. We will board before the booster influenza, but you will want to get booster in three weeks.

Call us to find out more information if pet is vaccine reactive or to old for vaccines.


Small Dog Deluxe Rooms

A 4 ft x 5 ft room and patio on the end for a less intimidating and quieter prime camping location

A raised cot with a plush blanket for a more luxurious camping experience

Large Dog Deluxe Rooms

8 ft x 10 ft room perfect for larger siblings

With a raised cot bed with a plush blanket for a more luxurious camping experience

10 ft x 10 ft room *available during peak seasons only*

Small Dog Dens

These rooms are  for dogs under 50 pounds and pets must have a meet and greet with our staff before booking.

Is a large shaded den en- lined with bedding to ensure your pet's comfort.

Hourly potty walks and one on one time with the staff

*Only available during peak seasons*

Bundle Discounts

Some of our extra services are included in a boarding bundle. Call us today to find out more about the bundles.

Cats and Exotic Animals

Vet Approved large shoreline.

Complete with a boxed bed for a comfortable hiding and sleeping space

Purina Complete cat food in dishes

24 access to a fresh water

Cat litter and box

Daily Housekeeping

Medicine administration *please refer to our medicine policy below*

Cats are required to have a Rabies, FVRCP, and either Feline Leukemia vaccine or proof of a negative test (for indoor cats only).


Large exotics such as pigs and goats will be put in a room and patio. Review our dog standard boarding. The owner must provide food for pigs.


Small Exotics must provide all housing and feeding requirements.

Cat VIP Room

Only two rooms in a large private room

Cats will get free toy rentals

Spa music and calming air refreshed over flow from the spa room


Don't forget to bring your doggos favorite things!

  • Masters Boarding Kennel

  • Vaccine Infocheck_box_outline_blank
  • Food, Treats, and Medicine in a hard plastic containercheck_box_outline_blank
  • Medications & anything that may help your pet take their medication (Pill pockets, snacks etc)check_box_outline_blank
  • Toys optional (NO TENNIS BALLS)check_box_outline_blank
  • Know what extra services you may wantcheck_box_outline_blank

Check our daycare and Extra services page for more information

Vaccine Info

All pets coming to stay at Masters must be current on all vaccines.

  • Dogs

  • Rabies warningcheck_box_outline_blank
  • Distempercheck_box_outline_blank
  • Parvocheck_box_outline_blank
  • Influenzawarningcheck_box_outline_blank
  • Bordetellacheck_box_outline_blank
  • Cats

  • Rabiescheck_box_outline_blank
  • FVRCPcheck_box_outline_blank
  • Feline Leukemia warningcheck_box_outline_blank

Vaccine exceptions:

  1. Exotics.
  2. Any puppy under 16 weeks of age does not have to have the rabies.
  3. Proof includes a receipt, vaccination reminder letter, or phone call from vet to Masters fax, in person, or/and email.
  4. We do not sell or administer any veterinary vaccinations - Sorry for any inconvenience.


Must be in a sealed hard plastic or metal container.

Ziplock bags, food bags, trash cans are not acceptable containers.

Containers are meant for easy storage, prevents spilling, and keeps the pets food fresh

Storage rentals are available


Masters must know the medicine name, doseage, and the amount given. The best way to ensure we have this information is to bring the medication in the original container from vet.

Medication enticers such as pill pockets, hot dogs, cheese, peanut butter, etc.. anything that your pet will take the medicine in.

Medicine is administered free of charge!

Charges will occur if Masters uses house medicine enticers


Service Rates

Boarding Dog less than 80lbs $30 per night
Boarding Dogs 80 or more lbs $32 per night
Large/Small Dog Deluxe runs $35 per night *$40 per night during peake season
VIP Cat Room $20 per night *$25 per night during peake season
Boarding Cats and Extoics $15.00 per night
Weight Loss Program $27 per night
Crash Course $26 per night