Enrichment Services

Play Yard $5

15-30 minutes of playtime with one of our staff members in a fenced-in grassy area where they can run off-leash and burn out that extra energy. This is our most popular enrichment service

Nature Walk $7

A mile-long walk along our nature trail that is on our 40-acre property. Cuts through a small wooded area, this is similar to an easy hike. This is perfect for you furry friend who loves adventuring! No worries for our older pets, as we closely monitor energy levels and turn back before it becomes too tiring. We are ableĀ  to adjust the length and level of the walk according to the needs of each pet. This is our second most loved service

Couch Time $10

Is your pet not as much of an adventurer, but loves cuddles and attention? Couch time is perfect, as we take them out of their room and bring them up to one of our couches either in the lobby or training room and give them love and cuddles for 1 hour. If we have lots of pets coming into our facility couch time will be after all pets have come in and left so the lobby couch can be utilized, or if it is a busy day the training room couch will be utilized. Either way, our staff will give them all the love they deserve!

Date Time $13

(Dogs must pass temperament test before date time happens, the test is $10) Does your dog love other canines? If so then Date Time is the perfect enrichment service to add to your dogs stay-cation! Date Time lasts for 30-45 minutes or until the dogs get tired. Date Time is always supervised, and closely monitored. We use Staff dogs who have passed the temperament test for this service.

Juke Box $1

does your pet love listening to music? For two hours we will play their favorite genre of music or audio book for them inside the comfort of their room with one of our blue tooth speakers!

Updates $3

Get a first person text message with a photo of your pet updating you on how they are doing and what their day included!

Seasonal Treat $2

A yummy treat made specially for the relevant season, Always made with dog friendly ingredients. Make sure to check in with the staff about what treats are in season! (All treats are made to order to guarantee absolute freshness)

Holiday Dinner $20

Whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter treat your pet to a holiday feast! The dinner is all made with dog friendly foods and seasonings. Make sure to check in with staff to see what is on the menu this holiday season! All dinners are made to order to ensure freshness!

Potty Walks $7.50

Best for our dogs that do not go potty on their concrete patios, but this service is available for any and every canine! Dogs will be personally walked every two hours to go potty. This also ensures more exercise throughout the day, and our geriatric canines benefit greatly from this service!

Swim-Time $13 (summer months only)

A play yard set up with our two pool sizes and sprinkler for some splashing summer fun! Always supervised and always a blast, this service is a fun way to beat the summer heat!