My name is Tammy and I have owned Masters Kennels for twenty years. My dog training lifestyle began in 1982. That was the year after I got my Veterinary Technician License. I have won multiple National Dog Training Championships, with multiple dogs. Winning these championships, earned me a place on the FCI World team to Luxembourg and Germany. The highlight of my career was successfully showing the first Doberman from the USA at the 1996 FCI World Championship in Luxemburg. I am known as one of the top breeders of Dobermans in the USA.

Having titled dogs for clients is another accomplishment that I am very proud of. I have also coached clients to successfully title and win with their dogs in AKC obedience. One client has had her dog perform in a Hallmark movie. Teaching obedience and agility classes are community services that bring me great pleasure.


Office Manager

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Hi, I am Megan. I am a military brat and came to Kentucky for school. I know have a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. I started working at Masters in October of 2014 as a kennel technician. I created a bond with the clients and pets that board here and fell in love with the work. The clients and pets are what keeps me going on a hard day. I took over the office management position October of 2016 and would not change it for the world. I feel this has only deepened my connection which has led to me being able to help the kennel grow. I have learned a ton from my time at Masters and only hope to continue to grow as a person and animal owner. I own two cats, Omen and Marbles, and a husky, Jasper.


Professional Trainer

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My name is Gerald. I have over 40 years of experience as a successful competitor and training coach for companion dogs and other competitors. I have nine German Shepherds. I work with many different breeds of dogs. I have trained companion dogs, service dogs, dogs for competition in obedience, tracking, protection, and even dogs used in television commercials. I have learned a lot in my years of training and have enjoyed the diversity of the lifestyle.



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I have always had a passion for animals and in May of 2016 followed the path to become a groomer. I began my career with a corporate company but quickly realized that it was a better decision to go private. Having had dogs since I was about 7 years old, I’ve also had several other types of pets including snakes, cats, guinea pigs, and birds. Grooming has quickly developed into a fulfilling career for myself, learning new things every day. It may seem odd to the average pet parent but I absolutely l-o-v-e doing deshed treatments on double coated dogs. I one day hope to have a Standard Poodle to have fun grooming in different styles, as they are one of my favorite breeds to groom. I adore working with my clients and building the relationships that I have with them


Kennel Assistant

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Hi, my name is David. I was adopted when I was two days old. My parents own Masters Boarding Kennels and they took me to work with them. When I was a baby my mom let me watch the fish swimming in the aquarium. She took me to her obedience classes, where the nice people would hold me. Carol McIvor has always been one of my favorite people. The thing that I like most is the really nice customers. I have a lot of favorite dogs like Drago, a doberman that stays with us, and Scarlett, a German short haired pointer.