58 Spacious Indoor / Outdoor Kennels

Each kennel has 100 square feet - offering a climate controlled 4’ X 5’ indoor area with an elevated pallet, and a doorway leading to a 5’ X 16’ outdoor kennel.

Our kennels are completely covered to prevent exposure from the elements such as the hot sun and rain!  All kennels are completely disinfected and cleaned ON A DAILY BASIS.

Food is included in the cost!

You are welcome to bring any items, beds - treats- toys (No Tennis Balls), from home that you think will make your pet’s stay more comfortable!

Cats and Exotic Animals

We have stainless steel veterinarian approved Shoreline cages for the safekeeping of cats and other small exotic animals. We have kept snakes, birds, rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs, and even pet rats on occasion!

Large exotics such as pigs and goats will be put in a run. The owner must provide food.

Small Exotics must provide all housing and feeding requirements.


Don't forget to bring your doggos favorite things!

  • Masters Boarding Kennel

  • Vaccine Infocheck_box_outline_blank
  • Food in a plastic containercheck_box_outline_blank
  • Medications & anything that may help your pet take their medication (Pill pockets, snacks etc)check_box_outline_blank
  • Toys (optional, NO TENNIS BALLS)check_box_outline_blank

Vaccine Info

All pets coming to stay at Masters must be current on all vaccines.

Dogs Vaccines: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Influenza, Bordetella

Cat vaccines: Rabies, FVRCP, and Feline Leukemia.

Vaccine exceptions: Exotics. Any puppy under 16 weeks of age does not have to have the rabies. Any pet exempt from vaccines by a vet. We must have proof by a vet.

We do not sell vaccines!


Dogs and Cats are provided the following complimentary foods in the event that you do not bring food for your pet.


Dogs: Grain Free Victor - A high-quality adult chicken based food. Food does contain grain.


Cats: Purina complete


Exotics: Must provide own food


Bring in your own food for any pet that has special dietary needs or are finicky eaters.




In order to create a pleasurable medical experience, please bring anything you know your pet will take their medicine in!! Examples include pill pockets, hot dogs, cheese, bread, or marshmallows.

We do administer medications free of charge!

Service Rates

Boarding Dog less than 80lbs $20.00 per night
Boarding Dogs 80 or more lbs $22.00 per night
Boarding Cats and Extoics $12.50 per night
Doggy Daycare $12.50 per day
Dog Park session $7.50 per session
Exclusive Dog Park session $5.00 per session
3/4 mile nature walk $5.00 per session